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The Definitive Collection: Her Fiction, Poetry, and Drama:
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1230000278287 - Aphra Behn: The Definitive Aphra Behn Collection: Her Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
Aphra Behn (?):

The Definitive Aphra Behn Collection: Her Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (2014) (?)

EAN: 1230000278287 (?), unknown language, Halcyon Press Ltd. Halcyon Press Ltd. Halcyon Press Ltd. New, ebook, digital download

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THE DEFINITIVE APHRA BEHN COLLECTION includes more than 50 works by 17th-century English writer, dramatist, and spy Aphra Behn. This collection included her famous anti-slavery work OROONOKO, as well as her other works of prose fiction, many of her poems, and her plays. Disregarded for many years, Behn's works achieved renewed interest in the twentieth century, and she is now regarded as one of the most important dramatists in 17th-century English literature. Little is known of Behn's (1640-1689) early life. She was probably born to Bartholomew (or possibly Eaffrey) Johnson, a barber, and Elizabeth Denham, a wet-nurse, although several alternate possibilities exist. She may have traveled to Surinam and lived there several years, returning to England in 1664, although this is uncertain as well. Her most famous work, OROONOKO, is set in Surinam and may reflect some of her experiences in that South American colony. Around 1664 she married John (or Johan) Behn, a Dutch or German merchant who died shortly thereafter, although she kept the Behn surname for the rest of her life. With the outbreak of the Second Anglo-Dutch War in 1665, Behn became an English spy in Antwerp. The crown's refusal to pay for her services contributed to her becoming a professional writer, one of the first women in England to do so. Novels and Short Stories The History of Agnes de Castro Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister The Fair Jilt Oroonoko The History of the Nun The Dumb Virgin The Adventure of the Black Lady The Court of the King of Bantam The Lucky Mistake The Nun The Unfortunate Bride The Unfortunate Happy Lady The Unhappy Mistake The Wandering Beauty Poetry The Willing Mistress The Disappointment The Lover's Watch Poems Upon Several Occasions A Voyage to the Isle of Love Lycidus; or, The Lover in Fashion Westminster Drollery Miscellany Gildon's Miscellany Gildon's Chorus Poetarum Muses Mercury Familiar Letters Prol
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