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Li Guoqing Li Xiwen (?):

Biography of Shao Shiping (?)

ISBN: 9787210085379 (?) or 7210085378, in german, Cnpereading, New, ebook, digital download

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Biography of Shao Shiping: The glorious and unique life of Shao Shiping offers a glimpse of the glory and greatness of CPC, as well as the difficulties and setbacks of Chinese democratic revolution and Socialist construction. Hence it is meaningful to recreate realistically his life to readers, which has also been my long-cherished wish. Now the wish is finally accomplished. Thanks to the hard work of Li Guoqiang and other comrades, the Biography of Shao Shiping is finally finished. As a man of advancing age I find it very gratifying. It will definitely be well received by readers. As far as I know, this biography is the first academic work devoted to studying Shao Shiping. Guoqiang used to compile and publish collections of Shao Shiping`s essays on education, and selections of his poems. In recent years he expanded his scope, collected more materials, and discussed Shao Shiping`s life with me several times, before producing this biography of hundreds of thousand characters. Despite some inevitable errors in citation and language, it is quite an accomplishment to finish the book in such a short span of time. The author must have taken a lot of pains. Let me offer him my sincere congratulations for his endeavors.The publication of this book not only objectively recreates the glorious life of a revolutionary, and provide a source of information for studying the Party`s history, but also explains to readers, especially young readers the arduous journey of Chinese revolution and the need to cherish the victory of revolution and construction through eulogizing and remembering the archetypal life and career of a proletarian revolutionary like Shao Shiping. It is hoped that readers can stay true to Communism in today`s international environment, stick to Four Fundamental Principles and Chinese economic reform, continue building Socialist society with Chinese characteristics, and fight for the four modernizations of Socialism. Ebook
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ISBN (alternative notations): 7-210-08537-8, 978-7-210-08537-9
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