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Dai Fenghong (?):

Gong`ans of the Huanglong Sect (?)

ISBN: 9787210085898 (?) or 7210085890, in german, Cnpereading, New, ebook, digital download

A$ 30.32 ( 19.40)¹ + Shipping: A$ 35.95 ( 23.00)¹ = A$ 66.28 ( 42.40)¹(without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
Gong`ans of the Huanglong Sect: The book includes 260 gong`an (story, dialogue, question, or statement used in Zen practice to provoke the &quote great doubt&quote ) by 152 chan masters and lay Buddhists of the Huanglong Sect, with annotations of allusions, place names and terminologies by the author. Ebook
Seller order number: 9787210085898
Platform order number (N): 18889_268807_9787210085898
Data from 04/15/2018 11:40h
ISBN (alternative notations): 7-210-08589-0, 978-7-210-08589-8


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