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Leng Yilan (?):

aThe Lovely Husband In the Heart (?)

ISBN: 9787551123358 (?) or 7551123350, in german, Cnpereading, New, ebook, digital download

A$ 12.24 ( 7.74)¹ + Shipping: A$ 36.38 ( 23.00)¹ = A$ 48.62 ( 30.74)¹(without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
aThe Lovely Husband In the Heart: This is the story of an amnesiac female role that unconsciously has some relationship. Reader: &quote Such out-dated pattern of memory loss has not been popular! Negative comment! OUT!&quote But! If this amnesiac female role prepares for getting by the life, but she would find that enemies come in great numbers, she was a mercenary and sensual and notorious bad woman (The plot reverses quickly!) If this bad woman has a backyard of handsome men, and handsome men are very influential socially... Do you have that little expectation After Huangfu Lezhu was waking up-Master, long time no see, what ! Did I ever express my heart master ! Disciple deserves to die! This handsome man, why did you follow me all the time, who can lead him away! What He is the crown prince of neighboring country! What did fourth prince call in for What Fourth prince, do you want marry me And the imperial edict has been issued ! Humble servant dare not marry! The next door courtesan, leer is made a day, what`s meaning, are we familiar What I had illicit intercourse at the beginning and desert you at the end ! Liyu, is this really me Ah! Why are Liyu`s eyes also so ambiguous Why don`t I even let off bodyguard ! Amnesiac Huangfu Lezhu collapsed: &quote You city people play well. Who can tell me what happened, I just want to be a good person~(>_, Ebook
Seller order number: 9787551123358
Platform order number (N): 18889_268807_9787551123358
Data from 04/15/2018 11:29h
ISBN (alternative notations): 7-5511-2335-0, 978-7-5511-2335-8


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